Why Choose A VIP Company?

24/7 Vegas VIP offers guaranteed club access and Full Service VIP with an actual VIP Host.

When you book with 24/7 Vegas VIP you will feel like a Celebrity. No Stress, No Hassles, No Problems, No Cold Shoulder, and No Waiting in Line. The only person you will have to speak to is your personal 24/7 Vegas VIP host. We will get you through the crowd, we will escort your group to the front of the line, and the velvet rope will be opened. Everyone fighting their way to get to the front of the club will be wondering who you are.

24/7 is a leader in Vegas VIP Nightlife entertainment hosting.

24/7 works with the Night Club industry, both corporately and with all the doors in town. 24/7 is an approved vendor with more nightlife venues than any other hosting service and maintains the absolute highest standards in the industry. Many hosting companies work out of a small office with 1 or 2 employees, or worse out of their home. They may offer you a great deal, but there?s no guarantee that they will deliver what they promise, or if they will even be in business when you get to town. We have had customers, who came to us after sending a deposit to a VIP company that went out of business and moved out of town, or their door guy quit and now cannot provide the service they were promised. Be careful not to be taken or scammed. When choosing the company that right for you, make sure you ask the right questions and find out if their fully licensed.

24/7 Vegas VIP and 24/7 DMC (Destination Management Company) is all part of 24/7 LTD., which is owned and operated by Tony Clark, the owner of 24/7 Limousines. 24/7 is a full service concierge, travel agency, and destination management company offering Night life VIP services, including tables with bottle service, dinner packages, bachelor/bachelorette parties, corporate party planning, hotel reservations, commercial airfare reservations, private jet reservations, private helicopter tours, personal shoppers for the day, golf packages, tours, casino gaming hosting, and convention support services.

Tony Clark, the owner of 24/7 Limousines, has operated a fully-licensed premier Limousine company for the last 10 years. This license requires a full financial and criminal background investigation and takes a year or more to obtain. 24/7 LTD. has been in business since 2004. All of 24/7 businesses are operated out of a 10,000sqft facility with over 40 employees, specifically designed to work seamlessly together to provide all these services. 24/7 is able to work out deals normal VIP Company?s cannot because of the clout and volume of customers 24/7 deals with throughout the year. Working with 24/7 Limousines gives you guaranteed transportation. For you and you only! Many VIP companies rent limos from drivers direct to save money, if their ride runs over or if their car breaks down, their clients are out of luck. 24/7 Limousines has a fleet of party limos that will take care of our customer?s first. Forget using companies that make you share your limo with other parties - what happens? You have to stick to an itinerary that suits the operator not you... then wait around forever with bulls**t excuses as to why the driver hasn't arrived. He's behind the clock, and you sit in the trash of other parties, and to make matters worse you can't have your own drinks on board. Call that a party? Don't get taken by a Shady VIP company offering line passes or other questionable vouchers that leave you alone at the club door fighting for the attention of the doormen. Trust 24/7 a fully Licensed and Bonded VIP company that is partners with a Limousine Company you avoid all the issues with transportation, as well as, gives you confidence of the stability of the company with Millions in assets to provide you with quality service.

We care about your Night Out!

That might sound simplistic but think about it?to the majority of Las Vegas operators you are just another tourist to be relieved of the maximum amount of cash possible. Many don't actually give a damn. At 24/7 we take pride in our reputation and it shows in every aspect of the level of service and events that we deliver.

Judge us on it.

Great Service.

Returned phone calls; Parties that are custom designed to your needs; Providing you with what you actually want; On time; VIP Hosts ready to go the extra mile, and then some. It's what we do.

We do what we promise.

This may be Las Vegas, but we don't expect you to take a gamble when you deal with us. That's why we spell out exactly what we will provide in black and white.

No bulls**t. No half-truths. No disappointments.

We don't sucker you into buying table reservations and bottle service just to get VIP entry. If you want that, then you've got it no problem?but with our connections it isn?t always necessary to get you past the lines.

Absolutely no hidden fees or taxes. The price you see is the price you pay. Period.