Why Choose Us?

Why Choose a Licensed VIP Hosting Company?

A Licensed VIP Hosting Company will plan out your entire night or event, and use their agreements and contacts to gain your group access all the night life venues without waiting in the long general admission lines. A professionally dressed VIP Host will escort your group past the endless lines and into the hottest clubs and venues in Vegas. His services will generally include the cover charge of at least $30 per person, and he can set you up with the best table in the house. Your VIP Host can be available for all your needs throughout the night acting as your own chaperone. The VIP Host?s job is to ensure that your night runs smooth. This method is used by most celebrities and high rollers, and is the most elite and prestigious way to gain immediate access into the clubs Your Host will ensure you have everything you may desire. No Stress, No Hassle, No Problem...and most importantly No Waiting. This is the life of a VIP.

Why do I need a VIP Host in Las Vegas?

Vegas has miles of red velvet rope barriers that restrict access to the hottest nightclubs, night life venues, and lounges with Doorman at each door to control who's allowed to enter based upon business, relationships and money. These Doormen in black suits are easy to spot by their earpieces, and the list of VIP guests they maintain on their mysterious clipboards. If you know who to talk to and know what to say, you may gain access to some of the hot spots of Vegas on your own, but be assured it won?t be cheap. Keep in mind that a High Roller in most other cities is an Average Joe in Vegas. In Vegas you must compete with Hotel High Roller?s, sport?s star, movie stars, and the locals who?s juice will slide their group by you, while you wait outside for hours. If you wait two hours to get into the club and you?re out for eight hours, you have wasted 25% of your trip waiting in lines. Choosing the right Licensed VIP Hosting Service will take the uncertainty out of planning your party. A VIP Hosting Service can be your guarantee that you won?t waste your vacation waiting in lines and that your event turns out perfect.

VIP Passes that promise no lines and no cover, do they work?

The VIP Pass is a marketing tool used by Casino?s, Nightclub?s, and Promoters to get people in front of the club to insure the venue looks busy. The passes are often given away or sold at extremely discounted rates. The top clubs need no help getting people in on peak nights. Since most clubs are open throughout the week, the passes are still used as an effective way of getting business on slower nights. On peak nights at a top club, these passes are virtually worthless ? regardless of what they promise. You will wait, guaranteed!! With hundreds or thousands of people trying to get in, you still have to fight your way to the front of the mob to get someone?s attention. The reality is that the doormen and hosts choose who gets in and who doesn?t. Unless the free passes are accompanied with a few Benjamin?s, you?ll be invisible. The only way for your group to bypass the long lines on peak nights is with a Licensed VIP Host. If you doubt this, call any top club and ask if the free pass will get you past the line without a wait on a Friday or Saturday night.

What is bottle service and is it really necessary?

Most of the tables and booth?s in a nightclub are reserved for bottle service. This means that to sit at a table or booth your party must purchase the minimum number of bottles of alcohol, based on the size of your group. Most Vegas nightclubs require that 1 bottle is purchased for every 3 to 4 people in your group; however, there may be a 2 bottle minimum to start out with. 24/7 always recommends bottle service if you?re not out hitting all the clubs that night. Having a table creates a Home Base; it enriches the nightclub experience, and gives the group the opportunity to meet other people. With bottles starting at $500 plus tax, tip, and hosting fee, this option can be pricey; but if you figure there are 16 drinks per bottle (which at $15 per drink plus tip works out to approximately $300) plus $30 cover per person ($120), means you?re actually paying an additional $50 per person to be the man. No fighting the crowd at the main bar to buy $15 drinks all night, you can pour cocktails at your leisure, invite over new friends, and you actually get to sit down.

If I am getting table service, can't I just reserve a table directly from the nightclub on my own?

Nightclubs take reservations directly from the customers, but make sure you understand how this differs from VIP Hosted Service. If you book your own Bottle Service, you will be assigned a VIP Host from the nightclub, but you will not be his/her first priority on the night of your event. They will have many groups like yours, and this will probably be the first time you ever meet. When you arrive at the club you will have to fight your way to the front so you can get the attention of doorman. While fighting your way to the front, you will discover that virtually everyone in the place seems to have booked a ?VIP? table or are on the ?VIP? List. At this point you begin to feel a little less special. If you make it to the front of the mob of ?VIPs? you will have to find the person in charge of tables. He?s the one that looks like he?s having a bad night and doesn?t want to be bothered. You?re not sure what the next move is supposed to be so you tactfully wait for him/her to look at you, meanwhile loads of people are going in ahead of you and your group is becoming restless. You decide that you?re being ignored so you become a little more assertive. This pisses off the doormen and security so you get ignored even more and get brushed to the side. You decide that to get out from under their skin you will just stand and smile and hope that you are noticed. More groups of people continue to get in. By the time you get some attention, you?re not sure you?re still in the mood to party but you do your best acting job to try and raise the disheartened spirits of the rest of your party. ?We?re in Like Flint? you call out to your group, ?That?s how we roll?. Half of the group is rolling their eyes at you, the other half threw in the towel an hour ago and is now somewhere in the casino, or at the mini bar in the hotel room. All that?s happened so far is that you got moved to another line. You can?t get images from ?Night at the Roxbury? out of your mind. When you eventually get in, you will finally get to meet your host. Only problem is you have no idea what he/she looks like, once you locate him, make sure you have all of your thoughts in order, because you will get approximately 90 seconds with him/her as you are briskly escorted to your table, before they are off to their next group. Even though the time was short, you really think you hit it off. Despite that, your table has been downgraded from a dance floor table to a table in some hallway. You?re now thinking that you might not have tipped your host enough. For some reason, you thought that your VIP night was going to feel different.

Why Do Table Reservations get bumped?

Have you heard of a person's table reservations getting bumped when they booked it themselves through the host at the Club? This happens every weekend, the main reason why is the clubs over book by at least 25% every weekend. They don?t want to leave one table open and lose money, and it has been accepted as an industry that they can. The first one to be bumped is the person that made the reservation with a club host on their own. This is because there is no recourse or loss of revenue to bump them, the club can?t bump the high roller, the stars, and the established licensed VIP Host?s who bring them in business and is tipping them every week. If they bump him, they will lose his money and business every week, if they bump you they don?t lose anything, they will still get tipped on all their tables. This is why the club host tells you to get their by 10pm when the club is empty. When the ultimate decision maker knows they are "taken care of" $$ wise, the reservation sticks.

How long do I get the table for?

Don?t get hustled. A few of the major Las Vegas nightclubs (not mentioning any names of course) have a habit of having the service staff clean off your table, and then sending someone over to pressure you into buying more bottles so that you don?t ?lose your table.? You should always confirm with your host when making your reservation how long that you have the table for. The majority of the time it is yours for the night, and they are just trying to get you to order more bottles or get you out of the way so that they can resell the table