Marquee Dayclub is a rooftop pool deck accessed by a mirrored elevator to the 17th floor of the Cosmopolitan.

The 22,000-square foot space features a centrally located DJ booth in front of a dance floor with excellent sightlines from two pools. Island bars located at the east and west ends of the property provide guests with easy access to cocktails.

Resident DJs lay down a steady stream of high energy sounds creating a house music and heavy beats kind of vibe.

The eight grand cabanas offer infinity edge glass dipping pools and flat screen TV’s. Dedicated food and cocktail service eliminates the need to leave the comfort of this shady oasis to fight through the crowd or stand in line at the bar.

Ten bungalow cabanas offer a day into night experience allowing you to party around the clock. The bungalows line the north perimeter of the pool complex, each with its own private outdoor deck and pool. A fully furnished bedroom provides luxurious overnight accommodations so the good times never have to end.

The specialty cocktail and food menu is prepared by corporate executive chef Ralph Scardella. Margaritas, mojitos, pina coladas and other frozen cocktails are available by the cup or by the pitcher. Food menu selections include appetizers, salads, pizza, sushi sold by the roll, sandwiches and burgers. Bottles start at $350 and run up to nearly $2,500 for a 1.75L Magnum of Gran Patron Platinum. Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label bubbly will set you back $275 but if money is no object, order up a 30 L bottle of Ace of Spades for $250,000.

During Memorial Day Weekend 2014, Marquee Dayclub debuted one of Sin City’s most unusual and innovative bottle service perks. For $20,000 and with advanced reservation, you can have your bottle delivered to your seat by a drone. A pilot and cameraman operate the remote control aircraft from an undisclosed location. The drone is capable of climbing up to 100 feet, flying in 30 mph winds and carrying a payload weighing up to 12 pounds.

Access to the adjoining nightclub is located at the extreme east end of the complex next to the gaming area where you can do your best to win back your tab.

  • Capacity: 1600
  • Open from: 11AM
  • Best Days: Fri, Sat, Sun
  • Cover: Starts at $20 men/$10 ladies
  • Wait Time: Up to 2 hours
  • Tonys Rating